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Wednesday, 22 March 2017

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The newest hip hop sensation Chase Asè, is sure to make heads turn this year.

With his new EP “before dawn” already making headway in the music world this 22 year old artist from Bed Stuy, Brooklyn, as he puts it “naturally picked up the pen and paper at age 11” and through music overcame the harsh realities of his environment, motivating him to not simply fall into the status quo, Chase  Asè paints a vivid picture of his struggle and of his perspective of the world through his soulful sound and unique interpretation of the hip hop art form.

Chase continues to use his spacey yet distorted sound as a canvas for his passionate and soulful lyrics. Chase is with out a doubt bring a brand new meaning to the image of an MC. And is undeniably a force to be reckoned with this year ! 

Check out an interview with the rising star below

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Who you look up to musically?
* Andre 3000, Kendrick Lamar, Kid Cudi, Linkin Park, Travis Scott, Coldplay, Eli Sostre

How long you’ve Been doing music?
* Started writing at the age of 11, began to take music seriously around the age of 16, began producing at 18 Since then I’ve been staying creative and perfecting my craft and artistry.

Favorite Track?
* All of them, for various reasons. All of these songs hold a special place within me for a specific reason.

What inspired you to write each song?
* My experiences, whether it be a negative or positive one. I just wanted my listener to resonate with me for as long as the music was playing.

what sound were you going for?
* Definitely going for a more Versatile sound, very melodic & vibe filled. Mood Setting.

How long it took you to finalize it?
* About 2 months, I worked really hard and very silently on this project while I also prepared other music. All of the production and writing didn’t take me much to just get in the studio and work.

What does it mean to you the project its self?
* This project is the blurb to a much a bigger story that I have to tell. Every song is a just single line on a bigger page. This was just the teaser.

What’s next?
* My next move is just diving deeper since I gave the blurb now it’s time to give the actual story that I teased you about.


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