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@matt_thaoutlaw “LAWLESS”

@matt_thaoutlaw “LAWLESS”

Tuesday, 21 March 2017
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Brooklyn New York has long been known as a breeding ground for hip-hop artists. However, as of late, artists hailing from the borough have all begun to sound too much alike. Usually with a deep underground vibe accompanied by a dance move of some sort. Matthew Dixon better known by his stage name “Matt Tha Outlaw” (born may 7th  1995) has begun to break this mold adding a new fresh youthful appeal to the genre, gaining an audience of not only your typical hip hop admirers but artist, painters and college students and fashion icons who admire his sense of style, and taste for original clothing which is constantly displayed in his videos.

Matthew is nothing short of the next hip-hop sensation to emerge from Brooklyn NY. His unique style and sound could be best described as the start of the Melodic Wave with an intense futuristic vibe. But don’t let that allow you to put   Matthew in a box. He never limits himself to one sound. This has become very evident in songs such as “wine on me” inspired by his love for Caribbean culture. Though he is not Caribbean himself he has always been taken by the woman the drinks the steel pans and of course the vibes.

The 21-year-old hip-hop hopeful has made major headway with his new mixtape “LAWLESS” which features all original music and lyrics written by him. Lawless  released this year,  features multiple hits such as “comfortable”, “hold on” and the single “lawless”

Each song expresses his aptitude for lyricism and wordplay as well as his exceptional production skills and fantastic story-telling ability.

Recently we were given the opportunity to interview the rising star and here’s how it went


Q. What inspired you to write each song

A. Each song represented a different feeling, and experience that I was going through at that time. My Lawless project is about my journey. It’s about the idea of being free of the mind and being an outlaw and being Lawless. Not by breaking laws or rules but in the way of societies social norms. To do what you want when you want not following the rules of social pressures of success and to just find the real you and to embrace it. So I decided to tackle these subjects. Not just of a young man but as a musician. I speak on relationships, situation ships and just my everyday life. I treated Lawless like an appetizer since it is my first project I wanted my audience to pay attention to my range in sound. I’m influenced by a bunch of different genres and luckily for me, I had a producer (Tike) that was able to make an array of different sounds for each one of the tracks. Some tracks are more of a hip hop trap undertone, while other songs are in the more dance pop electro feel. We just let it be natural. He made all of the beats on the spot and I wrote all of the songs on spot as well. So each time we went to the studio I had an emotion in mind and knew what kind of song I wanted. Luckily for us we had chemistry. Always keeping each song in line with the overall feeling of the project, freedom and no boundaries.

Q. What’s your favorite track

A. I still feel like I haven’t made my own favorite track yet. Every time I go to the studio I know that I have grown in life and musically last time I was there. Songs are meant to invoke emotion so I would have to be in that certain mood to admire the track, so that’s for the fans to decide.

Q.What does the project the project mean to you?

A. The project represents freedom. To be lawless not in the sense of shooting people up like old western movies but in the sense of not following the norms of success in societies eyes. Like going to college than getting a degree getting a 9-5 somewhere in suburbia. I went to Fashion Institute of Technology for fine arts and art has always been my first love making huge oil paintings and sculptures. I dropped out because I felt like I could offer more to the world and my goal was to inspire and be the best artist. Not just in art but I always had a taste in music and fashion so I decided to explore it. With all my prior knowledge and background that I have learned up to this point. Lawless is a musical story of my thoughts and feelings from dropping out to being on my road to musical stardom. Having to switch my life up and while watching people change up on me. While staying true to myself and just embracing my journey and not really giving a fuck about what anyone thinks or says what I should do or live my life. That’s what being Lawless means.

Q. How long have u been doing music for?

A. I usually hate questions like this because I feel like music is almost like dog years. U can do something for a month but if you spend about 8 hours a day to that something by the end of the month you’ll be more experienced than someone who spends less of those hours during s longer amount of time, But for real though it’s been about a year that I’ve been doing music. I’ve been putting my all into it, my time and money as well. Once I really started living like a musician and went full throttle would be summer 16′. That’s when I really started living the lifestyle 24/7 Matt Tha Outlaw mode and ever since then I haven’t looked back

Q. what sound are you going for

A. My voice and Outlaw nature word play and idealism is my sound. So it doesn’t matter what kind of track I’m on I have a great sense of versatility. Nature and wordplay*. The sound is almost alien-like people of how it isn’t defined but can make you move a certain way based on how it’s received by the listener. So since I’m aware of that I just bring my vibe of hip hop meets electro house. I’m aware that my music sounds different than most of the songs played nowadays but there is still a sense of the basic song layout and hip hop undertones that people love about me

Q. Musically who do you look up to?

A. I look up to musicians. The serious ones,  the humanitarians. I love every genre and appreciate how far man has come with sound. I grew up on everything from a tribe called the quest to daft punk.  I was always looking for new music and artists. And not just the people who make good songs but I admire more what they do outside of the studio and there tours for the world and there community and it’s sad to say that most of my favorite musicians don’t really do that. But that’s why I’m here now.

Q.How long did  it take you to finalize lawless.

A. You can finalize a project. Make it a masterpiece. I like to leave breadcrumbs musically But as a musician and as a human we will never be over. Once I am dead and gone some other musician will pick up where I left off. That’s what music is. Innovation .

Q.what’s next?

A. Next will be something that is even more personal but something easier for people to take in. Putting out a fire banger that’s really addressing who I am. Really getting to Tha Outlaw in me. But you’ll jus have to wait and see

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