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EAST MIX “full review”

EAST MIX “full review”

Tuesday, 21 March 2017


Harlem native Dave East has been viewed as one of the last few mainstream rappers, that still manages to stay true to their traditional rap style. However it is still true that East is also known for his ability to freestyle and flow on a multitude of different sounds, last night was no expectation.

East channeled his energy into freestyling over The Weeknd’s track “Party Monster”. Fans were a bit surprised at this choice seeing as though the beat was one he hasn’t tried before.f4bbd1115130e51927100b8889c33873

The track gave listeners a kind of R&B, flow paired with heavy beats (produced by Doc McKinney, Ben Billions along with XO’s The Weeknd ) and while it is true that the track contained some calm instrumentals, East managed to incorporate his usual gritty flair accompanied with his somewhat aggressive lyrics. Overall the track is definitely something new for the more street underground- esk rapper, but it certainly is a clean freestyle.

Stay tuned for more from East in the coming months as he eludes to a new project, entitled Paranoia, said to be released soon.

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