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Meet Mister Classic

Meet Mister Classic

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

The Bronx native Mister Classic apart of Klassic King Entertainment is anything but ordinary, pegging him as a definite artist to look out for this year. The Ghanaian rapper has really begun to make a name for himself in the industry over the last few years debuting several hit tracks on sound cloud. That each display, his knack for skillfully crafted lyrics. This attention to detail has been shown on some of his earlier tracks such as “I’m watching”, and “Yardmantin”.

While both tracks were equally well put together the tracks are vastly different playing into his sense of versatility. Paired with his ability to try a wide array of tones and lyrical flows. If asked he would compare his flow to a mix between Fabulous who exhibits a kind of bold style and J.Cole who displays an extraordinary lyrical flow. Even though Mister Classic is a fairly new to the Hip Hop industry and is still exploring his range as an artist. He has still been given countless opportunities to work with a few likeminded producers and Artist.

Such as Quodjoe, The Realest Alka, SdotCrown, Larry, Miracle, and Mixedbynellz. All of which have allowed him to try his hand at multiple music genres deciding where he fits most. Though Mister Classic’s rise allowed him to take part in multiple music projects such as Kadima’s EP and King Q, Sdotcrown’s EP. He still makes time to appear on stages such as New York’s Artfest hosted by Zeke Jaye as well as countless Open mics.

However, Mister classic hasn’t stopped there planning to debut his Ep entitled “Cold World” this year. This Ep is one project he hopes will give his supporters an opportunity to see who he is and how his mind works lyrically, hoping to gain much-neededtraction.

Look out for this and many other projects set to release by “Mister Classic” this year




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