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Frank Ocean “Chanel”

Frank Ocean “Chanel”

Monday, 13 March 2017


Singer- song writer Frank Ocean is certainly known for his ability to hide out in the studio, using the personal time to really innovate his sound. Later as we know appearing almost out of nowhere with great music. This behavior was certainly displayed last week Friday when he abruptly debuted a brand new track entitled “Chanel”.

Frank released the track on his radio show “Blonded” Beats 1. where he certainly Surprised his fans to say the least. Supposedly he’s had the track for a while, and it is unclear whether or not it was left over from a previous album. Or if its something new he’ll be adding to an upcoming album. Either way his fans are loving the track. Hash tagging “Chanel” and posting about Frank and the track all over social media.

However the surprises don’t end there. Apparently two days ago rapper Travis Scott was added to the official Remix making it even more of a hit. Over all Chanel and its remix is definitely a great follow up to Franks latest feature on Calvin Harris’ hit single “Slide” which also features Migos.

Slide was created as a pretty chill track which certainly complements  Franks  usual flow. With all of these tracks being released so closely , it looks to me like <em>Frank’</em>s gearing his fans up for a new album very soon. We’ll definitely be on the look out check out “Chanel” below

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