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@iamm_jayohh new track release

@iamm_jayohh new track release

Wednesday, 08 March 2017
New Music

I was recently given the opportunity to interview up and coming artist Jayohh who released a hit track this week entitled “Hercules” This Bronx New York native has been in the music game for the past few years though hasn’t dropped steady hits in a while so that means  this one is certainly one for the books!

Get to know Jayohh in the interview below, and be sure to let us know what you think about the track!

Q. What inspired you to write the song?

A. ” The song came  from a point where you just know what its like to be down with people hating and  just anything negative to you but instead I’m saying I feel like Hercules  letting people know I cant be broken and cant be hurt because I’m strong like Hercules”

Q. What does the project mean to you ?

A. This song is major for me because I haven’t dropped any music in a while & this is the first song I’ve done a video to in 5 years

Q. How long did the track take you to  finalize ?

A. Actually the song took about a hour & a half to do I started at 12 and by 1:30 the song was done “laughs” I heard the beat and I just instantly started writing

Q. Whats next for you ?

A. I’d say just more music and more opportunities I’m really  just trying to take things to the next level the grind never stops!

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