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@FrankMcfly_ new project debut “Know Ur Worth”

@FrankMcfly_ new project debut “Know Ur Worth”

Monday, 06 March 2017
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The debut of “Know Ur Worth” by Frank McFly is finally here the project has been deemed the most highly anticipated piece from the independent artist. The song and video its self is dedicated to strong women helping them raise the bar and truly understand how valuable they are. The project released today which we’d honestly consider a short film was produced and directed by Frank McFly himself along with help from his production team.

Along with the videos message about woman it’s also meant to raise awareness of Domestic Violence and its presence in his community. Though frank is an independent artist, he takes the lead role of executive producer and writer making sure to share his ideas and experiences throughout the entire process, he even tried his hand at mixing and mastering parts of the project.

Not only has McFly created the project with the intent of it being a huge hit but he hopes to make a difference in the industry making it his personal mission to create a better reputation for the ways in which the Hip hop industry portrays young women, saying quote “Women unconsciously start to believe what they hear about themselves in songs and on social media. We need to fix the stereotype and uplift our women with positive reinforcement”.

With that being said, Frank McFly’s next EP is dedicated woman who are his biggest supporters. This personally says a lot him as an artist even at his age he can recognize that all woman are treasures, even when they don’t see it themselves. Check out the short film and EP titled Know Ur Worth below 

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