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@RealRemyma takes another shot at @NICKIMINAJ | Written by @_Jarpr

@RealRemyma takes another shot at @NICKIMINAJ | Written by @_Jarpr

Friday, 03 March 2017

If you thought Remy Ma was done making Diss tracks about Nicki Minaj you’re sadly mistaken. Releasing yet “Another one” Just days after dropping “SHether” on us, We honestly didn’t get a moment to recover. Looks to me like Remy took a page out of Drizzy’s play book hitting Nicki again before she could even respond to the first track, much like her counter part Philly rapper Meek Mill. As expected Remy decides let HOT 97s Funk Flex, debut the track earlier today.

Remy uses the opportunity to take shot after shot at Nicki poking fun at the fact that she has yet to respond to the original diss. Though clever enough if you listen closely maybe after hearing it a second time you’ll notice that Remy even uses Drakes back 2 back flow once again putting Nicki in her place saying lines such as “Waited 4 days ma, where y’all at?”.

But it doesn’t stop there Remy starts the track with vocals from a previous Nicki song where in fact she was clowned by Mariah Carey for her vocal skills. However I would say overall the track was good but not comparable to “SHether” where I personally feel like Remy hung Nicki out to dry and left her there! This track was less raw and much more commercialized though this had a lot to do with the previous tracks inability to gain radio play, due to its obscene lyrics with that being said

Check out the track below and let us know what you think! Should Nicki respond?

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