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@sayflex “Understand Me” Interview (Written by @_Jarpr)

@sayflex “Understand Me” Interview (Written by @_Jarpr)

Thursday, 02 March 2017
New Music

@Sayflex Is one the Hip Hop industries newest game changers releasing hit after hit every Friday for the entire month of February, he calls this Series #FlexFriday.  As mentioned in previous post, the Long Island born artist is not only a Rapper but he is a Singer and Songwriter. When asked Flex would relate his sound to the witty lyrics of Drake and Kanye while incorporating the soulful sounds of a Ryan Leslie or Wale. With that being said this week I was given an opportunity to interview the rising star and get a little bit of the inside scoop on his latest project “Understand Me” a remix to the 2016 single “Buy love” By Future

What would you say your inspiration was for the song “Understand Me”?

Basically I wanted to add a twist to the Future song “Buy Love” and make it my own with a story like and deeper concept, this is something that I’ve been doing for the entire month of February. I call it #FlexFriday where I drop a brand new remixed song that incorporates my own unique spin.

So tell me a little more about the song. What would you say your inspiration was, and lastly What does the song mean to you?

I based the song around a girl that I was feeling at the time, but essentially I found out that everyone was feeling her and at time she wasn’t interested in me. So I hung back and all that then next thing you know she sees that I’m on and of course now she’s interested in me. So throughout the song, which you’ll notice is in chronological order you’ll see how I move on from the situation and do my own thing.

So what’s next for you Flex?

Well like I mentioned before Flex Friday is pretty much my focus, so tomorrow I’ll be dropping another original song, that I feel doesn’t fit the typical sound out now. Unfortunately, this track will be the last song from the Flex Friday series but look out for the upcoming  projects I’ve been working on, that I plan to share in march.

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