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Meet @FrankMcfly_: Written by (@_Jarpr)

Meet @FrankMcfly_: Written by (@_Jarpr)

Wednesday, 01 March 2017

Frank McFly is one of the newest Hip Hop artist to emerge from Brooklyn, New York.  The now 23-year-old rapper has begun gaining huge recognition since entering the music industry in 2011. Frank Mcfly has achieved notoriety from big names such as Hot 97, Hype beast, MTV and many more. Accompanied by the fact that Mcfly has begun to create a vast name for himself, paired with a distinct sound and unmatched lyrical flair, his selfless acts of philanthropy are what truly set him apart from the rest.  Mcfly takes pride in raising awareness for core issues that affect his community along with raising money for local charities in his neighborhood of Brownsville, Brooklyn.

For Mcfly the combination between philanthropy and music are very important to him. Making sure to create spaces to promote self-love and awareness of important issues through his music and/or visuals. An example, of this is displayed in his upcoming project entitled “Know Your Worth” scheduled to debut on March 6th raising awareness for domestic violence as well as uplifting women. Throughout Mcfly’s rise to success he never ceases to amaze his supporters as he constantly reinventing his sound, tapping into his purpose. As well as his desire to reach new audiences, platform and genres in hopes to progress in the industry. If asked, Mcfly would describe his current style as a mix between the lyric genius of rap legends Biggie and Jay Z while incorporating some of the newer flows expressed by J Cole, Wale and Kendrick Lamar.

Throughout Mcfly’s rise he continues to attribute a lot of his success to his songs “Grammy Speech” released in 2015 and “Nemo” released in 2016, two singles that really set him soaring shortly after being released. Each  of these tracks helped him began his college tour where he was given the opportunity to perform at many universities such as, NYIT, Lincoln, Brooklyn College and Howard, just to name a few.

Frank Mcfly has also made appearances on coveted stages such as Webster hall, NYC Summer Stage, BXC Music Festival, Trill fest and many more. Each step of his journey has begun to propel this rising star into the lime light while also motivating him to release 3 successful projects with the 4th being an EP titled “Know Your Worth” dropping this month. In this project Mcfly speaks to his female listeners advising them to love their self and know their worth. Overall It is safe to say that this unsigned sensation is sure to capture and keep your attention this year! Not only with his music but also with his constant efforts to help and uplift others.

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