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Swizz Beatz and Just Blaze Rap Battle (@Therealswizzz @Justblaze)

Swizz Beatz and Just Blaze Rap Battle (@Therealswizzz @Justblaze)

Monday, 27 February 2017

On Thursday night Rap legend Swizz Beatz took to his Instagram to release a video clip, in the clip he amped up his fans for a Friday night beat battle between him and longtime producer Just blaze, playfully talking trash and announcing the rules for the battle all the while still showing respect for his opponent and friend.

On Friday the two big hip hop producers  geared up for the battle live on Instagram, and though the battle was all in good fun the winner turned out to be Swizz who played an unreleased track featuring a few rap legends. Over all the battle was well put together and a good taste of what a wholesome friendly competition is all about, something the industry hasnt seen in a while  I personally feel like we need more of this in the industry and less “Shether” if you ask me.


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