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Meet Jayohh (@iamm_jayohh)

Meet Jayohh (@iamm_jayohh)

Monday, 27 February 2017

Bronx born artist JAYOHH23 (Jordan Spencer) is definitely someone to look out for this year. Not only is he a talented rapper but he is a skilled lyricist, with a unique and innovative sound that is sure make you listen closely. This Bronx native uses his negative experiences of the streets and the hardships he experienced growing as a driving force for his music, using it as a tool to describe where he’s been but more importantly where he’s going.

Even since the days of is youth JAYOHH23 has always been seen as a skilled lyricist and was usually voted most likely to succeed. With the support of his parents and close friends, JAYOHH23 has been able to fully manifest his talent and create his own sound. However if asked, he would compare his tone to a version of Jcole or Nas both of which use their music to explain their past while incorporating the success of the present. Throughout JAYOHH23’s rise to stardom he’s released some hit singles that have made huge waves in the underground and indie worlds. One entitled “Hold It Down” released in late 2016 and “Hercules” released early this year.

Each of these singles have helped him to gain recognition as well as performance slots, appearances and collaborations. In short it could be said that JAYOHH23’s amicable personality, sheer passion for the music and witty lyrics have assisted in increasing his fan-base as reach in distinct markets. When its all set and done JAYOHH23 would say that his dreams are surly coming true but more importantly he wants the world to know that “life is a blessing and it’s his time to shine”.

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