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Meet Flex (@sayflex)

Meet Flex (@sayflex)

Monday, 27 February 2017

Long Island born artist “Flex” is sure to make huge waves this year, not only as a distinguished Rapper, but as what the music industry would call a triple threat. While only in the industry for a short time Flex’s skills as an exceptional singer/ songwriter have become unmatched, definitely pegging him as an artist to watch out for. Yet Flex doesn’t stop there, he instead made sure to try his hand at all aspects of the industry. This was evident in 2016 when creating his first EP entitled “A Ride with Flex”.

During its creation Flex made sure to stay involved in every aspect of the process from producing, engineering and mixing each track alongside well known engineer and producer Ken Rutkowski. This kind of diligence made the EP a huge success, as well as established a new found pride Flex has in his ability to create music that reaches multiple markets and genres. If asked Flex would compare his musical flair to a calm mix between the lyrical complexity of “808s and heartbreaks, Kanye” or the witty lyrical alteration of Drake. While still managing to incorporate the more refined sounds of Ryan Leslie and Usher.

His unique tone has definitely been on display in his hit singles “H.T.S.G” (How That Shit Go) in 2015 and “Slow Down” in 2016 both of which gained enormous attention since their release. This increased attention landed him on coveted stages such as The Hip Hop Season Show case (season two). As well as a performance slot as an opener for both Gun Play and SUNY Buffalo’s African Student Association’s fall fashion show.

Flex’s success hasn’t stopped there gaining the attention of artists such as Kevin K, The Shade Sound and Young scholar all of which he has since collaborated with, on various projects. For Flex creating music isn’t only about breaking records and working with the music industries elite. Rather it’s more about pushing himself out of his comfort zone, and creating the highest possible quality of work the industry has seen in a while.

In short a major goal for Flex is not only to elevate himself but to elevate the state of today’s hip hop creating a movement that restores New York to its former glory as a hub for emerging talent. In addition he hopes to make it a point to teach others like him that they too can beat the odds, and FLEX.

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