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Brampton’s EverythingOShauN doesn’t need a “Co Sign”

Brampton’s EverythingOShauN doesn’t need a “Co Sign”

Wednesday, 04 January 2017
New Music

Following a massive 2016 and the release of his debut Until Now EP, EverythingOShauN is back with a new single titled “Co Sign” (featuring XpressAkaDJXP and Aman). For EverythingOShauN, “the explanation of “Co Sign” are interchangeable”. “Co Sign” is essentially that thing that most people get either in music or in life to validate whatever they are doing.

You can do whatever you want or work hard but some form of Co Sign is often needed. I love when artists say they did it with no co signs but then you know that a prominent DJ was championing their record or a big artist posted it, [or] a big writer, etc.”

Expect more music and more visuals from EverythingOShauN in 2017.


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