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Manny Rite – My Statement

Manny Rite – My Statement

Monday, 25 April 2016
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He is the face of a newly formed collective called The Rite Group. Manny RITE, which stands for Raised In The Eastend, is from Scarborough (located in the east end of Toronto, ON) and is leading the charge of a much needed change in the music game. He takes pride in bringing it back to the core essence of hip hop which is authenticity.

“I can be one person and that’s me so when I create music it is and will always be a direct reflection of my life, my experiences and my state of mind” – Manny Rite. A very talented songwriter, Manny is known for his distinctive voice, lyrical content, and catchy melodies. Manny Rite’s unique sound and style carries a remarkable blend of hard-core and mainstream hip-hop.


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