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The Game Thinks “Young Thug Will Be Here Today, Gone Tomorrow”

The Game Thinks “Young Thug Will Be Here Today, Gone Tomorrow”

Friday, 29 January 2016

The Game was speaking with the thedailybeast and revealed his thoughts on Young Thugs career read the excerpt below.

“Even Game, I don’t know what I’m gonna do when I see him. You gotta understand, you can’t look at no pictures and look at the media and the critics and what they saying on no internet,” said Young Thug. “I’ll battle with Game. I won’t battle with Plies. I’ll make a million songs with Game because we never really had a real problem. Me and Wayne had something going on. We never had nothing going on, but he thought we had something going on. So, he felt like that was his friend. So, he just wanted to be like a L.A. nigga.”

Well, The Game isn’t interested in battling Young Thug because he sees him as unworthy of the honor.

“We’ve got Game that’s a solidified almost legendary emcee in hip-hop, and then we’ve got Young Thug who’s not an emcee at all—just a trendy whatever you call ’em rapper that’ll be here today and gone tomorrow when that style goes away,” says The Game.


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