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JU$TIN – JU$T HU$TLE BxTxH: 3883076 (EP)

JU$TIN – JU$T HU$TLE BxTxH: 3883076 (EP)

Monday, 12 October 2015


“JU$T HU$TLE BxTxH – 3883076”, is the debut EP by JU$TIN, it features the 1st single “Boo$t My Ego” produced by RJ3re. This project is based on true events that occurred in the artist’s life back in 2014, where he was locked up in LA County Jail fighting a court case while trying to figure out how to get released in time to be able to participate in his college graduation ceremony.

JU$TIN takes an unfortunate situation like Jail and turns it into a clever, introspective narrative about the American Justice System, while touching on topics such as arrogance, greed, self gratification, lust, paranoia, jealousy, and envy over dope original production from DJ Khursey, Rated Beats, RJ3re, and Marcus Mayhem.

01 – The 90s Made Me [Prod By The RZA]
02 – GTFOH [Prod By DJ Premier]
03 – I’m Ready [Prod By Easy Mo Bee]
04 – Chancleta Weather [Prod By DJ Premier]
05 – $treet ART [Prod By VDon]



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