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Chris Miles swoons with a rapid-fire flow on “All In Your Mind”

Wednesday, 02 September 2015
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School. Work. Responsibilities. Expectations. Deadlines. LIFE. It can be a lot. Sometimes we work things up in our head to the point where we create problems for ourselves for no reason. Surrounding ourselves with that inner crew of people who know us better than we know ourselves is crucial.

On “All In Your Mind,” the throwback, jazzy beat complements Chris Miles’ singing and rapping as he reciprocrates the respect and love he has for his girl who reminds him that it’s all in his head.

As you know, the 16-year-old rapper has been buzzing for a minute. “All In Your Mind” is the latest release from Chris Miles’ forthcoming Milestones project, following the first single “Psychotic,” which dropped last month.

“Leading you in with a bluesy beat that carries through the song, ‘All In Your Mind’ is the type of track you want to listen to as you’re soaking in the last few weeks of summer sun,” praised Billboard in their premiere of the song earlier today.


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