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JU$TIN – Boo$t My Ego & The 90s Made Me (Audio)

Friday, 28 August 2015
New Music


“Boo$t My Ego” is the first single from the forthcoming EP, “JU$T HU$TLE BxTxH – Booking No. 3883076”, by NY native/LA transplant JU$TIN, with production provided by VA’s own RJ3re.

JU$TIN takes an introspective look at the subject of self-gratification in a social media era where we do things out of impulse, because it makes us feel good. We end up using things and even people to boost our ego.


“The 90s Made Me” is an ode to a time period that heavily influenced JU$TIN artistically. Going in over Wu-Tang Clan’s “7th Chamber” instrumental from their classic album “36 Chambers”, JU$TIN delivers an impressive performance that pays homage to the original in his own unique way.


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