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Dr Dre’s latest comeback

Dr Dre’s latest comeback

Friday, 28 August 2015
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Few public figures in recent years have made such a dramatic impression upon the world of entertainment as Dr Dre. From his humble origins as a hip hop producer, the Los Angeles native has become a key figure in energising the music industry, and is currently the world’s richest musician with a phenomenal $620 million in earnings last year.

But for music fans, Dr Dre will always be known for his laid-back West Coast hip-hop sound, and so it was with huge relief that his latest album ‘Compton’ was announced earlier this year.

The Compton sound

To coincide with the highly-anticipated Straight Outta Compton film that detailed his beginnings with the breakthrough rap group N.W.A, Dr Dre announced that he would be releasing a soundtrack album for the film entitled Compton.

The album was exclusively released through Apple Music on 7 August, and featured an array of huge guest stars including the likes of Kendrick Lamar and Xzibit, along with his old sparring-partners Snoop Dogg and Eminem.

The album swiftly gained rave reviews with major music sites such as Pitchfork praising the album’s ambitious orchestration and brave new musical visions. But significantly, upon the album’s announcement, Dr Dre also revealed that this would be his farewell album.

New beginnings

Already Dr Dre has made significant moves beyond his original musical beginnings. His groundbreaking Beats by Dre headphones revolutionised the audio market, and swiftly led to him being recruited to help launch the ambitious Apple Music digital platform.

And the 50 year old producer’s massively iconic sound has already found favour in new generations of entertainment fans. From video games such as Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas that wholeheartedly embraced the gangsta rap aesthetic, to online slots sites like Royal Vegas Casino that features the game Gift Rap, there’s a clear indication as to the massive marketing power behind the music that Dr Dre has created. As the Royal Vegas Casino site also includes exclusives such as the Terminator and Game of Thrones slot games, the fact that this enigmatic rap producer can find his brand of hip-hop represented in such a rapidly growing market is key to his massive success.

The world is still keen to find out what Dr Dre will do next following the release of the Straight Outta Compton film. But with the recent news that N.W.A have just celebrated their very first top 40 hit due to the film’s success, many are hoping that a reunion of this iconic group might be on the cards.


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