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NuWorld – G.O.T.U.S. (Mixtape)

NuWorld – G.O.T.U.S. (Mixtape)

Thursday, 13 August 2015


Through the heavy curtains that are drill and trap music, some Chicago musicians are trying to peak through with a new light. The boys of NuWorld are aiming to do just that — bring that new Nu to a music scene thirsting for a deeper meaning. Today their debut project G.O.T.U.S. helps make their mark in hip hop.

While the Windy City rap scene is not an easy one to break, six young men from the Chi were determined to make it happen by any means necessary. NuWorld’s six members — D.Roe, Bel-Air, Elijah LeFore, Simmy Automatic, AstronautFlood and Kayo — all began solo music careers a number of years ago, dreaming of taking Chicago’s biggest stages. They began as brothers, friends and lovers of music, but quickly realized they had a starting lineup of hot talent to take on the game.

Scraping by to create beats and recording in the basement of the crib, the NuWorld gang pours sweat, blood and tears into their craft. A sense of conscience and awareness of the world and how it affects young lives greatly shape NuWorld’s message. The mix of six sultry members provides a great balance, giving the listener a fresh set of sounds to dive into without force or fierceness.

From rapping as a personal passion to taking stages and sharing the music with the masses, NuWorld is Grinding Over Time Until Success.


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