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Charmz Valkom – Fall (or) Stand (Prod By Millz) (Audio)

Wednesday, 12 August 2015
New Music


On this day of August 11th this young artist by the name Charmz Valkom from outside of the Chicago area not only turns 23 years old but also has a new single on his actual birthday. Produced by Millz of the Remix Project at Lacuna Lofts, mixed by Jack Flash of Lacuna Lofts and Jabari Rayford of Soundscape Studios, and mastered by Jabari Rayford.

This song could be the pronounce of turning over a new leaf where it is heavily expressed “Stand for something or Fall for nothing – If you fall for nothing, you might never get up” which is exactly how it sounds.

New comer is stating he is a firm believer in everything in his surroundings at the moment and is willing to completely take a complete stand for it until the end of time. Also stating “Head above water” which is in reference to staying focus. If you cannot get hype to this and follow the chants of this powerful song, you must have personal unknown issues with this kid.


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