Montana Of 300 – Pray For The Devil

Sami Switch – Solace (EP)

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

‘Solace’ takes listeners through a remarkable two-year absence that left Sami homeless. Bravely original, the E.P is a mixture of rap, spoken word & soulful vocals. Produced by Ross OD and legendary film composer Andy Gray, it is the honest story of a young man fighting for his place in the world.

A story seemingly destined to be forgotten. ‘Solace’ was only made possible by the unexpected generosity of a stranger; a man who remains largely unknown but was moved enough by Sami’s words during an impromptu poetry performance at Ronnie Scott’s to finance the E.P’s creation, bringing him out of the darkness to create clarity from the chaos.

DL: Sami Switch – Solace


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