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OSIYM Raises ‘Spirits’ With Newest EP

Friday, 03 July 2015


Coming off the heels of their latest release “B.O.M.B.”, Toronto duo OSIYM fall through with the release of their 10-track EP, SPIRITS.

Offering an array of bass-heavy, eclectic and industrial soundwaves, SPIRITS celebrates the machine behind OSIYM. Whether it’s “Us”, that pays homage to Charlie’s late brother Nate, the internal struggle showcased on “Do Too Well,” or the club heavy trap singles “Go Down”, “No More” and “Fuckery”, OSIYM showcases a range of content while keeping a cohesive sound and balance as Charlie Black and Nova effortlessly trade bars.

With the dark waves of Toronto’s iconic sound etched in SPIRITS, Nova and Charlie Black capture the city while adding their own energetic and memorable hooks to the project, delivering more than a standout project from Canada, but a necessary listen from the breakthrough duo.


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