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Kenny Gourmet Ft Matt Brevner – Villain (Video)

Tuesday, 30 June 2015
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Over the past months, the dynamic musician, songwriter, singer/rapper from Vancouver, Kenny Gourmet, has been quietly working away in the studio creating a new album and content for a Summer release. Today sees the release of Gourmet’s brand new single “Villain” featuring Juno/MMVA nominated Vancouver rapper/producer Matt Brevner.

The single displays a smooth catchy chorus sung by Kenny and a couple of nonchalant verses from Gourmet and Brevner over the pulsating production from dotken. Kenny also assisted with the production by laying down some electric guitar lines while Jan Betsayda played some synth lines throughout the choruses.

The song accompanied by the music video sees a girl who lives a villainous life in where she doesn’t believe that her problems are harming herself or anyone around her. Not knowing any better she makes decisions that keeps her stuck in the cycle of lies and bad decisions.


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