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The Voice & The Symbol – Candy Coated Waterfalls (R&B) (Audio)

Sunday, 21 June 2015
New Music

Singer/songwriter, The Voice & The Symbol makes her solo debut with the silky smooth single “Candy Coated Waterfalls” from her highly anticipated EP “Force of Nature” set to drop this Summer.

This calming single comes at a perfect time in a world that finds itself in constant distress. We believe this record will fit perfectly on your blog. Take a listen to this beautiful piece and let her know what you think. Thank you.

The Voice & The Symbol is simply a product of her environment. Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio she is no stranger to mental distress or circumstantial constriction. Raised by her paternal grandmother, The Symbol experienced a great deal of uncertainty in regard to life, the woes of the world and who she was within it.

Often feeling overlooked, under-appreciated and simply misunderstood; she took to writing – poetry, songs, stories, etc. – anything that allowed her to escape and create a space far better than the world she had come accustomed to.


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