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Raps & Hustles Exclusive: Bad Lucc Interview (Early Rap Life, Off The Porch & Mollywood 3)

Sunday, 14 June 2015

In our interview with Bad Lucc, we started off by reaching deep into his roots. He tells us about his transitions from high school, his Snoop Dogg signing, and his encounter with rapper Problem.

He also brings up the origins of his name, and the title Mollywood. We spoke about how we generated his buzz, namely his song ‘Where You From.’ Bad Lucc gives us details on the purpose and goal of his album entitled ‘Off The Porch.’

While speaking about his projects, he informs us of the importance of substance, the thought process, and passion. He says these components are imperative to become a long term artist, an example being Jay-Z.

We ended off with what to expect from the upcoming mixtape ‘Welcome To Mollywood 3.’ From our conversation we can conclude that Bad Lucc is not only talented, but also humble and grateful.


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