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‘ARTEMIS’ Documentary on female rappers in UK Hip Hop (Video)

Friday, 12 June 2015

ARTEMIS is a documentary (68 mins) by Sektion Red which focuses on 9 current female MC’s in UK Hip Hop, exploring various perceptions as to why there are not more prominent female voices in the genre, both on stage and behind the scenes, with some ideas as to how to rectify this in the final chapters of the film. Directed by Oliver Whitehouse, produced by Laura Green and behind the scenes filmed by Fleur Wild. Following the release of the documentary we’re releasing an a cappella rap video with each of the 9 featured artists.

Bobbie Johnson, Genie Marie, Holly Flo Lightly, Jaz Kahina, MINX, Oracy, Seraphim, Shay D & TrueMendous.


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