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Mike Larry Draw – Similar Contrast (Video)

Thursday, 04 June 2015
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You probably seen him on Team Backpack killing it with great “lyrical” artist such as Passionate MC, Seti X, Denzil Porter, and Final Outlaw; or maybe you’ve seen his previous video “Crescendo, featuring other great East Coast artist” but just when you thought Mike Larry Draw couldn’t get any crazier visually, He proved us all wrong.

This multi faceted Polymath is pushing Artistry to another level and he isn’t playing any games doing it. Mike Larry Draw with his Bronx roots calls his Seattle Rapping affiliates to play in a chilling narrative, directed by him. The visuals in this video tell a story about a night of partying on the beach, leading to a day of burying a body in the woods.

Similar Contrast, which is a song off his freshly released album called “Amalgamate,” is a fusion of different genres all tumbled into one. The world should definitely be on the lookout for this anomaly.


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