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Raps & Hustles Exclusive: TK N Cash Interview (Current projects, Creative process & Features)

Thursday, 21 May 2015

We recently got a chance to sit and converse with ‘TK N Cash.’ The rap duo have been making a notable push into stardom. With their hit single ‘Mind Right’ still rapidly growing, TK N Cash gave us the scoop on what else they have in store.

During our talk, they told us that their following single entitled ‘My Ex’ should be causing tons of attention. They also mentioned artists they’ve already worked with, and artists they grew up listening to.

With their newly found spotlight, they plan to fully capitalize on branding and growing as entrepreneurs. They have a youthful and melodic sound, along with great enthusiasm regarding the road ahead. From the vibe we get from TK N Cash, we can conclude that they plan to have a big impact in the industry.


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