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ArmMe – I.O.D. (Video)

Friday, 24 April 2015
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From the depths of the Hudson River rises I.O.D., an artist who is here to hold nothing back. In his latest video “ArmMe”, he unleasehes a flurry of high velocity cadences and allegories.

Raised in the streets of Brownsville, Brooklyn I.O.D. played witness to hot violent summers and long winters. Now as he comes of age, he understands that its his destiny is to change the world through music by first changing the face of his community and transforming himself and those around him.

Delving back into his earlier work, he breathes new life into a cut from his last mixtape, “11212”. I.O.D. proclaims that “this is the death of my ego in the only way my ego could go out, in a blaze of lyrical glory.” Keep in touch with I.O.D. and the LOTOS at


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