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Michael Gadiva – Just Do It (Album)

Wednesday, 08 April 2015


A native of Philadelphia, PA, (now based in Atlanta) Gadiva discovered at a young age that music and entertainment was the career for her.

Teaming up with Grammy winning Producer/Manager @CaseBoogieAtl, over the course of a year, Michael Gadiva has come up with a project that will set the course and tone of her career for many more albums to come.

Fusing all of her sounds and styles together to create the sound of a budding superstar “Conversation Piece” does not disappoint in its entirety to say the least. The album is best suited when paired live performance form Gadiva as it is all about the experience of her.

“Conversation Piece” is a 12 song album, not including interludes, That will leave you saying I wanna hear more please.


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