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Ben Cina Ft KJ Hines – Run (Video)

Monday, 09 March 2015
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The talented pair of Ben Cina and Kj Hines team up once again to bring us a dope visual for their new song “RUN”. If you haven’t heard the last project they put out, My Last Confession, make sure to check it out here

Run features KJ’s fluid rap style, as he skillfully illustrates the story of two strangers that both choose to run from their problems by using drugs, sex and alcohol to escape. The hooks brings us to Ben’s smooth vocals that resonate with raw authenticity. Ben’s soulful vocal approach plays nicely with KJ’s dark and poignant lines.

Ben and KJ both use the lyrics of the song to bring to light common struggles that we all face, self doubt, fear, anxiety, depression etc and then flip the message by offering a voice that questions the validity of the decisions that we all make when we are running from something or someone.

The vibe of the video, artfully set in various locations in East Austin, is enhanced by the moodiness of the music and the visuals provided by @DeWun_Music and iClass media. Watching this visual representation for running from your problems follows the song in a way that makes you think more deeply about what it means to RUN!

Please enjoy this musical offering by KJ Hines and Ben Cina!


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