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50 Cent plans to make a million from Pacquiao versus Mayweather

50 Cent plans to make a million from Pacquiao versus Mayweather

Friday, 06 March 2015
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It’s one of the most highly anticipated boxing matches of 2015, and come May time, there will doubtless be a flurry of bets on the forthcoming fight between Floyd Mayweather Jr and Manny Pacquiao.

Taking place at Las Vegas’ MGM Grand Garden Arena on May 2, the bout has been deemed the ‘fight of the century’, largely thanks to the sheer amount of years it has taken for these two fighters to finally come to blows. Negotiations between the pair have been on-going since as early as 2009, but disagreements between both the boxers’ promoters have meant that the match has not been able to come into fruition until this year.

It will doubtless be worth the wait, however. While Mayweather Jr boasts the accolade of five-division world champion, his opponent Pacquiao currently holds the title of eight-division world champion.

This could be the reason, then, that rap star 50 Cent has pledged to make himself a millionaire all over again as he takes a risky bet on the fight. 50 Cent, real name Curtis Jackson, is a former member of the Money Team, a brand associated with Mayweather Jr.

As such, the star has placed a risky bet on Mayweather Jr to defeat Pacquiao on May 2, claiming that he will be $1.5 million richer if his stake pays off.

Jackson has had a rocky relationship with The Money Team since he cut all ties with the organisation in 2012. As recently as last year, Jackson and Mayweather Jr were engaged in a bitter feud, which culminated in Jackson pledging to donate $750,000 to charity if Mayweather Jr could successfully read a page of a Harry Potter book.

However, in 2015, it seems that all is forgiven, and Jackson’s faith in the boxer has been restored. He told The Breakfast Club: “I got the champ. The champ gonna smoke him. It’s gonna look like the fight was pumped up for no reason.”

Jackson has been no stranger to gambling in the past, from putting bets on at to even getting into fights with other rappers. Last year, he was threatened with a lawsuit by fellow rapper Webbie, who claimed that Jackson owed him $1 million after losing a boxing bet with him. Webbie even went as far as to reference the bet in his lyrics, rapping: “You owe me a million, don’t make me come get it, I’m telling you I’m serious.”

Let’s just hope the In Da Club singer’s latest bet pays off.


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