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SMACK/URLTV: Tsu Surf Vs. Hitman Holla

SMACK/URLTV: Tsu Surf Vs. Hitman Holla

Monday, 13 October 2014
Rap Battles

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At last, the highly anticipated grudge match has been released for battle rap fans to witness. These two veterans have had tension after their controversial altercation. Some would argue, both of these top tier battlers are currently holding their home town torches. Needless to say, this battle is a must watch for fans.

The Summer Madness atmosphere was wild as expected. Surf and Hitman definitely did not disappoint, and went toe to toe. Surf came with nice bars that stuck with the crowd, and an angle on Hitman’s childhood. While Hitman brought his signature aggressive style. This was a hard battle to judge.

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