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RWB 993 Porsche (Pt 2)

Saturday, 11 October 2014


Nakai-San was in Manilla, Philippines before coming to Vancouver. He stayed a total of 4.5 days and worked on the car for 4 days straight from 10 AM till 7 PM – if not later.

After talking with him, when he first started building RWB Porsches, he mentioned that it used to take him 12 hours a day for a week straight. Four days is now the standard, and if needed he can rush the whole job in 2 full days.

Nakai-san cut off all of the original wheel arches and installed his RWB wheel arches and installed the front bumper on the first day.

The second day was side skirts, front bumper sleeve, side skirt sleeves, and rear bumper. The third day was wheel alignment and suspension, spoiler, and front and side flicks. And the last day was fine tuning suspension and rear wheel arch flares.

Super Musashi is the third RWB in Canada. The first one being Royal Ocean in Vancouver and the second one being a red one (I believe it’s red) in Montreal built earlier this year.


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