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Dizaster vs Cassidy

Dizaster vs Cassidy

Tuesday, 02 September 2014
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  Whether it was battle rap fans, Cassidy fans, or viewers tired of Cassidy’s high horse talk, we’re finally getting what we’ve waited years for. Lush One (Fresh Coast) is teaming up with FilmOnTv to bring you this monumental battle, being Dizaster vs Cassidy. This recently confirmed news has had the battle rap world in a frenzy. There was a lot of speculation on when and who Cassidy would battle again, if he were to at all.

  Nobody would’ve ever guessed that Dizaster would be the one to take on this so called honor. Many people are already questioning this match up. Dizaster will be a lot to handle, with his agression and freestyle ability. Cassidy has appeared on multiple interviews saying things along the lines of his opponent having to be an established artist. It has also been rumored that he’s turned down offers of $40,000-$100,000 to step back in the ring. He’s gone on record saying he will be paid $200,000-$250,000 for this battle. Although Cassidy claims he’s battled countless times, the only battle most people have viewed was his infamous battle with Freeway.

  There is plenty of proof of Cassidy’s ability online, but battle rap has changed a lot since the Smack dvd era. A highly requested battle was Cassidy vs Murda Mook, due to their past altercations. With that being said, I’m sure majority of battle rap fans will agree there are plenty of top tier battlers who’d be a better match up than Dizaster. Cassidy is often considered a legendary in the battle rap world, modern day battlers refuse to give him his just do. We recently witnessed Philly’s Reed Dollaz return with a disappointing performance against JohnJohn Da Don. Will Cassidy’s return be a repeat? Another example being Canibus and Joe Budden both folding under pressure in the ring. Needless to say, this highly anticipated battle will be a great look for the culture.


Who will win this battle?

Dior Flip

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  1. Grandma cookies says:

    It’s a hard call, but diz will most likely win. If diz is flawlessand Cass brings his early 2000 style diz will win. If Cass brings the A1 bars with at least a romotely close modern style, he has a good chance.

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