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SWEET 16’s (Songwriters App)

SWEET 16’s (Songwriters App)

Sunday, 24 August 2014
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SWEET 16’s is a fresh looking songwriters app that allows songwriters to easily create, edit and organize bars on the go. If you’re running low on scratch – skip the studio session and check out SWEET 16’s Voice Recording feature. This enables the artist to upload a instrumental (off your phone,) import a saved song and record it all at once – kind of like a teleprompter that “goes in.”

Other important features that Rappers will find useful are “Lock Down Mode” – which safeguards your verses in case you loose your phone and “Auto-Scroll Mode” – just upload a beat, set the scroll speed and deliver your bars as they move down automatically.


SWEET 16’s for Songwriting – Changing The Way Songwriters Organize Mobile Lyrics.

Bulleted features:
• Upload a saved song, play an instrumental, record that song, then send it via text message or email.

• Express your songs with text, fonts, emoji, fullscreen (eliminating buttons) and auto-scroll.

• Backup songs to cloud, SD card and lyrics can be password protected.

• Use search features to find songs or playlists faster and the dictionary to help construct your verses.

• Personal settings can be accessed at all times, keeping you closer to your work and recordings.


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