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Dave East – Black Rose (Mixtape Review)

Dave East – Black Rose (Mixtape Review)

Thursday, 31 July 2014
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From the beginning of the project Dave East just hits you hard. This is the perfect way to get new listeners interested and keep them listening. I love the Menace II Society like skit in the beginning of “Drunk in Queensbridge Hangover“.

Dave East tells a quick story on the Free Charlie interlude that made me feel like I was watching a movie. The production was perfect for the content. “In Some Shit Pt. 1” displays one of Dave’s strong suits in my opinion. I’m referring to his vivid storytelling.

As he recollects on past experiences he keeps you on edge with every line. “New Jux City Savage” displays the stunting side of Dave. He gets straight to the point with this cut.

My favorite track on the tape has to be “Around Here“. Dave spits about his father getting locked up and telling him not to waste his talent. That line spoke to me in many ways.

Another standout track to me was “The Offering“. It has a Nas “Book of Rhymes” type feel at the beginning of it but he finally got it right and slaughtered this track produced by Buda Grandz. “Fuck You Think” and “The Town” are greatly written songs as well and I’ll let you listen because I don’t want to spoil anymore.

Black Rose is a really solid project it could’ve been an album in my opinion. I expect to see Dave East’s status rise quickly with the content featured on this mixtape.

Written By C.J.


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