Montana Of 300 – Pray For The Devil

JP.the CityNative – Noteworthy EP

Friday, 18 July 2014

The midwest emcee unleashes his long-awaited free project via Raps&Hustles.

The 7-track EP is a experimental experience that boasts complex yet, straight forward lyrical content that touches on topics such as growth, hardship, freedom, itinerancy, the state of being tranquil, overcoming obstacles and having a swanky sense of etiquette.

The project also includes a diverse effort from guest appearances such as buzzmaker Gee Watts, Alternative Rock and former Warner Bros vocalist Dillon DeVoe, onetime Universal Music Group affiliate Ron Ron, as well as singer/songwriters Kara Doyle and Nicolette Paige, with production help from KJSbeats, Smartalec, Corbett, Alex Issak, and Graham Fasbinder.

All in all Noteworthy is the tale of a poet reflecting counterculture values from an urban aspect while coming to terms of enlightenment through gnosis.

DL: JP.the CityNative – Noteworthy EP / Link 2


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