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Bobby Shmurda: Hot Or Flop?

Bobby Shmurda: Hot Or Flop?

Friday, 18 July 2014
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We’ve seen this hype on numerous occasions in the music industry. Here is a list of names of artists to give you a better grasp of what we’re getting at. Whether it was a Soulja Boy, a Lil B, Wiz Khalifa, Mac Miller, A$AP MOB, Kreayshawn, or a Chief Keef, only some have actually transitioned into a successful mainstream career. As the industry ages, artists must continuously adapt to new methods and sounds. With the new rapid sharing internet age, we’ve seen more internet sensations than ever before. 


Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s get to our topic Bobby Shmurda. If you haven’t heard this name or seen the “Hot Nigga” video, you are likely to any day now. Bobby Shmurda unknowingly uploaded the freestyle that would bring him his shot at a possible music career. Bobby chose to rap over the Lloyd Banks track ‘Jackpot’ produced by Jahlil Beats. The combination of his ‘Shmoney Dance’ and song has taken the internet by storm. He is a 20 year old who just recently decided to take a chance on rapping. Raised in the streets of Brooklyn, Shmurda displays a reckless lifestyle. Which some have said had a very similar sound and behavior to the buzzing “Chiraq” drill music style. 


Somehow this video was viewed by NBA players Kevin Durant and Brandon Jennings. They both took a liking to it, and shed light on it via social media. Since then, the public has been spreading this new craze like wildfire. Some more notable name who joined this latest trend include the likes of French Montana, Yo Gotti, Meek Mill, Busta Rhymes, Raekwon, Fabolous, and Chinx. Meek Mill went as far as performing with him at the infamous ‘King Of Diamonds’ strip club in Atlanta. This viral hit also caused Beyonce and Jay-Z to reference the “shmoney dance” during their performance. 


Time after time, we have seen music outlets take advantage of trending content. A prime example being outlets such as Complex, The Breakfast Club, Hot 97, and Sway in the Morning. A lot of these sources are known for being very selective with their features. With that being said, I question some of their “standards” as to the talent they choose to display. The Breakfast Club can be quoted saying things along the lines of “you must meet our standards to guest on our show.” While there are artists with in depth track records being overlooked, these sources once again prove hype is their top priority rather than “breaking” artists who have a respectable catalogue. 


Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to see any young individual get a chance to live out his/her dreams. Especially when they come from under privileged circumstances. It’s just the fact that there are many deserving artists out here that don’t receive the type of exposure they should. Let’s be real, it’s their job to be on top of what’s “hot” at the moment. On the other hand, their job is also to help break artists who flood the scene with consistent quality music. The top sources can sustain their strides without jumping on every hyped artist or track. When viewing these interviews and articles, it’s evident that they are only trying to be a part of the buzz. The majority of these talks are one sided, with the topic being a dance and a freestyle. 


This article is not being written to belittle or slander anyone. It is simply an unbiased perspective of this matter. As a long time fan of hip hop, I like to implement “proof of concept” before I decide a rapper is credible or is here to stay. It’s not that I don’t believe the hype. I need more than an everyday freestyle and contagious dance to be convinced. I don’t necessarily need complex lyrics, but original quality content. It’s very rare to see an artist catch fire, and build on it for longevity rather than 15 minutes of fame. How many of these Bobby Shmurda followers can name 5 songs from him? How many so called Miami Heat fans can name their roster before the LeBron stepped in?


In latest news, Epic Records has inked a deal with Bobby Shmurda. A quick signing was bound to happen, but some may say it was too soon. Usually artists are required to put out multiple hit songs until catching the attention of record labels. We have yet to hear one mastered song by him. I would not be in shock if Dame Dash were to include Sha Money XL in his “culture vulture” list, if he hasn’t already done so. Bobby claims to have a lot more in store, but it is not a guarantee that the culture will receive it the way he may want them to. I’ll end this by asking, is Bobby here to stay?

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