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Recap: Shady Records bring you Total Slaughter

Recap: Shady Records bring you Total Slaughter

Sunday, 13 July 2014


The stage setup was unlike any battle rap stage we’ve seen. It looked like a small Mtv or VH1 event.

Sway and DJ KaySlay were hosting on stage. Ebro and Royce Da 5’9 were sitting in the upper level.

A few celebrity attendees:

UFC fighter, Fabolous, Busta Rhymes, Mistah Fab,

Kid Capri, Star from Star & Bucwild,  Fab 5 Freddy, and Victor Cruz

Crowd atmosphere: You could tell certain fans came for specific battlers, but overall it seemed like a fair crowd.

Pay per view: Many online buyers were upset due to the site crash. The InDemand outlet could not accommodate the capacity of buyers. They are now giving refunds including a free view of this event. Let’s hope these leagues find solutions to the problems deterring their business.

First battle of the night


Arsonal vs Big-T

1st round

Arsonal started off the round filled with bars that caused crowd reaction.

Big-T had about 2-3 bars that landed, but couldn’t match with aggression and witty lines of Arsonal.

2nd round

Arsonal added more fuel to his first round by maintaining his stage presence, delivery, and disrespectful flow.

Big-T still had a hard time to get the crowd remotely involved. Might have gotten just about the same reaction as the first round. People were not relating to his gun bars, which took a long time for him to get out.

3rd round

Arsonal already had Big-T in a bodybag. He came in addressing his beef with Joe Budden, which included a line about Tahiry giving JR Smith felacio. Ars then went on to call out Cassidy and Hollow Da Don.

Big-T started with fillers and dry spots, which made the crowd boo and stay quiet when he attempted to land bars. It seemed as though people wanted his round to end.

Judges decision: Arsonal 

Bloggers opinion:

It was a non-debatable battle. Big-T was outclassed and beaten in bar count by a mile. This may have been Big-T’s worst performance. He barely had any punches, took too long to get to the point, and didn’t have enough subjects. Arsonal definitely had great structure to his rounds, and made sure he had haymakers and crowd pleasers in every round.


T-Rex vs Daylyt

1st round

T-Rex wasted no time and came in swinging with his reckless style. He did a good job of delivering his bars and having his energy rub off onto the crowd.

Of course Daylyt came in a costume. He had a few good bars, but the crowd had mixed reactions the whole verse.

2nd round

T-Rex started off with nice name flips, but had a surprisingly short round. It almost seemed like he threw the round.

Daylyt had about 2-3 lines that had crowd reaction, including a funny James Brown line.

3rd round

T-Rex was back on his no mercy style, but it still seemed like he purposely didn’t go as hard or add as many punches due to his relationship with Daylyt. One of Rex’s early lines received a nice ovation.

Daylyt showed people an empty capsule of medication. Then, he started to strip off his costume down to only his boxers while pretending to collapse. He didn’t even spit one bar. KaySlay and Rex proceeded to leave the stage. Ebro was upset with this antic.

Judges decision: T-Rex

Bloggers opinion: 

Besides the few notable bars, this battle should’ve never took place. Neither of them took it seriously. Daylyt disrespected the culture and should never get booked again after throwing away an opportunity every battler would’ve been more than honored to take advantage of. Nonetheless, I believe T-Rex won by default.


Loaded Lux vs Murda Mook

1st round

Loaded Lux came in wearing a full Gucci outfit, showing off his newly found fame. Lux brought some nice complex punchlines and personal lines, which caught nice buzz from the crowd. His metaphors and references were delivering well with the fans.

Murda Mook took a similar approach to Hollow against Lux. He countered Lux’s preacher/black panther schemes. Mook surprised the crowd by revealing his du rag, and bringing back his old style fans demanded. He made sure to use his whole round time and fill it with personals, angles, bars, delivery, punches, and nice stage presence.

2nd round

Lux barely got any noise, if any at all. He was taking way too long to get to his punches. His bars were too spread out, and sounded more like a story rather than a round. Even if there were lines that went over people’s heads, Lux had too many fillers. It felt like he was reading run on sentences, instead of bars after bars.

You could tell Mook was on a mission. He refused to put an end to his flare. His 2nd round was filled with a bit of everything. Two lines that stood out were “more hypocritical than a dying hippopotamus” and “a nigga that’s crawling can never criticize a nigga that’s leaning” (referencing to Lux’s approach to Hollow). Mook also had a nice Jeopardy show scheme. He did a nice job of getting the crowd on his side by defending the individuals who live a thug influenced life.

3rd round

Once again Lux was sounding like a preacher reading a sermon with no punches. He came with some personal references like the Cassidy beef and brought Murda’s old jacket claiming he had been robbed. The crowd was obviously done with his methods and schemes.

Even after two full rounds of delivering, Mook was far from being done. He continued to lash out on Lux with an abundance of bars. In fact, even after knowing he won convincingly he wanted to finish his round for a body bag. This round may have had the best crowd reaction of the night. Murda reversed many of Lux’s lines and schemes. He even reversed Loaded’s exposing antic by displaying a diss track made by Lux towards Busta Rhymes and Meek Mill. Mook was evidently disappointed that his round was cut short.

Judges decision: Murda Mook

Blogger’s opinion:

I was utterly disappointed in Loaded Lux’s performance, although I was never too big of a fan. To be truthful, his rounds were boring. He should’ve known to bring consistent bars, instead of “talking” to him. As far as Murda Mook, in my eyes this was his best performance. I was always skeptical of his skills and legendary status, especially after his Iron Solomon battle. Mook’s overall battle is now one of my favorite performances of all time. It was a prime example of consistent delivery and display of every component of battle rap. His counter angles to Lux’s “grown up” approach was as close to perfect as it gets.

During the slight intermission going into the main event, Ebro went on to apologize to the battle rap community.


Hollow Da Don vs Joe Budden

1st round

Hollow had a decent amount of bars, but this definitely was his lightest round. To everyone’s surprise, he addressed Jimmy and Paul Rosenberg in a disrespectful manner.

Joe showed the fans he can somewhat adjust to the current battle format. Although it wasn’t an exact replica of a battle verse demeanor, he made viewers respect his skill set. One noticeable bar was “here I go again, making another bitch famous” (comparing Hollow to the females that have been linked to Joe). Buddens countered a Hollow tweet by saying “you asked me where’s my last hit, nigga where’s your first one?”

2nd round

“Your last hit was 2003. You unsuccessful brotha, JoJo.” (Reference to JoJo Simmons) Another line Hollow brought up was, “I mean you did have smash hits like pump it up..and um..pump it up.” He also talked about Joe’s alleged confrontation with another artist. Overall his round was enough to at least keep it on an even playing field.

Joe came with nice references and personals. He said “you put an emoji on a shirt, nigga that ain’t gear.”(a reference to Hollow’s clothing line) Another nice line was “Since your bucks slow, you missed that whole chain of events.” Bringing up Hollow’s altercation with JohnJohn was also a nice add. He also added “no chlamydia, I don’t feel nothing coming out this dick.”(comparing Hollow’s bars to the disease)

3rd round

“You must’ve came up with those home alone, cuz your set ups is all over the place. And these bars are like clubs that don’t want niggas to come around. Cuz these bars will only wear budden down.” (Button down) Hollow came at Joe maliciously about his allegations of beating Tahiry. He also talked about Fabolous reportedly having relations with her. “A real nigga would impregnate that bitch. Told her I’ll stay all stiff, and shoot soon as I get in like I’m..shoot shoot soon as I get in like I’m JR Smith.”(flipping JohnJohn’s line to reference how he would’ve came inside of Tahiry if given the opportunity)

Budden tried to land punchlines, but they failed to translate to the crowd. It came to the point where Joe had to bring out his emotional side, and lay his microphone on the ground. This was definitely his weakest round.

Judges decision: Hollow Da Don

Blogger’s opinion:

Hollow is my favorite battle rapper, but I always judge battles by bars and performance. Although Joe struggled at points to adapt to the battle rap style, I feel like his bars made up for it. If Joe won any round, it was the first due to Hollow’s average verse. The second round was a toss up. They both had nice personals and punchlines. I guess it really depends on the person, but I have Hollow edging it because he had better delivery and consistency. I felt like Joe’s SlowBucks line was mediocre. I could’ve came up with a better set up, and I don’t rap. The third round Hollow showed why he is considered to be arguably the best. He brought up a variety of subjects. The button down line was one of the best bars of the night. What really closed the deal for me was the JR Smith flip, which is something only he would’ve thought of. It was a perfect example of why his unorthodox style is so hard to top. Joe could’ve possibly made the battle debatable for me if he didn’t ruin his 3rd. The third is really what made Hollow’s win more clear to me.

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