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Talen Ted – The Real World: Toronto

Wednesday, 09 July 2014

real world toronto

Introducing the debut album of producer (who’s now a rapper) Talen Ted titled “The Real World Toronto”. This album tackles a variety of subjects ranging from conscious topics such as today’s economy affecting him, relationship issues, his future plans, things for the club, it has it all.

Each track was produced entirely by him which makes the album sonically more cohesive than most projects. Each sound is crafted specifically to become in sync with his lyrics. Assisted are his buds as they tackle life’s situations on those same tracks.

Don’t let his producer side influence you, the moment the first track comes on, you’ll quickly put that aside. Spend your day vibing out to this amazing project. By the time you’re done, you’ll truly see what the real world is like in Toronto.

DL: Talen Ted – The Real World: Toronto


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