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Dutch New York to Become 100GrandRoyce

Wednesday, 02 July 2014


Aaron Cost, the spokesperson for Dutch New York announced this week via Instagram that he will officially be changing his name to 100GrandRoyce as of 7/1/2014.

Royce explained that the new name would reflect the evolving focus and standards of his music and brand adding, “The name change will make it easier for my fans new and old to get acquainted with me, and my sound, as I reinvent on new projects.”

As “Dutch New York”, Royce dropped numerous mixtapes, and was a part of Dame Grease’s Wave Gang imprint. As he expanded in music, including numerous guest appearances and shows, he is well on his way to becoming a successful independent artist in this musical climate.

There is no indication yet of whether this will be the only change to 100GrandRoyce’s image or just the first of many. Reps are firm in stating that the message and story will stay the same. Fans and artists alike are optimistic about the name change.

“The name change is going to bring about a whole new wave of music and sounds that I haven’t explored… It’s only a small part of my aspirations.”


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