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IAMNOBODI – Schillerpromenade

Tuesday, 28 January 2014


A first teaser from IAMNOBODI’s “Snapshots from Berlin”, a little series IAMNOBODI is working on in dedication to various places he visits and where he spends time. There will be a vinyl edition of 250 copies, each will have a unique polaroid either off or by IAMNOBODI. 250 copies, 250 different covers.

It will be a little while till this is ready (a lot of photos that need to be taken, a lot of covers that will need to be stamped and glued) but here is a first teaser, produced yesterday in the Jakarta Records office which serves as IAMNOBODI’s studio at night these days. “Schillerpromenade” is the street around the corner where IAMNOBODI gets his coffee every morning for the last 3-4 weeks. #snapshotsfromberlin


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