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5 Misconceptions Men Have About Women In Bed (Guest Blog)

Saturday, 25 January 2014


I always think it’s funny when, in real life or in a TV show or movie, you hear someone say something along the lines of “you just don’t understand women.” One reason it’s amusing is that it seems to always come from a womanizing type; another is that, deep down, most men don’t understand women, at least not fully.

This isn’t to suggest that women are such mysterious, indecipherable beings that they’re beyond the comprehension of men. It’s more of a societal issue, really. The world we live in crafts certain attitudes and feelings, and part of all this is that men commonly have some pretty messed up misconceptions about women, particularly in bed. Here are 5 in particular that men would do well to give some second thought to.

Women Want Sex Less

There’s a common theory out there that men are simply hornier than women when it comes down to it. And sometimes, it’s true! But as The Date Report notes, there’s really no indication that women have less lust or desire for sex. So, if your girl seems disinterested on occasion, don’t just talk it up to, you know, her being female. She might just be bored!

Women Hate Giving Head

Alright, so some of you confident men out there are convinced that she just has to love giving you oral. But the prevailing idea out there is that most women don’t really actually like giving head – they’ll just put up with it because they enjoy what happens before or after, or because they’re generous lovers, etc. The truth is, opinions on giving head vary just like any other sexual preference, so don’t assume she hates it, and don’t assume she loves it. Clutch has an amusing article on the subject which concludes somewhat wisely that blowjobs aren’t good or bad, they “just are.” Something like that, anyway.

Women Don’t Masturbate

Yeah, ok. There’s an idea out there that women don’t masturbate, and some men even take this as far as to indicate that women are less familiar with their own desires and turn-ons. However, the more information and studies we get about masturbation, the less accurate these ideas seem. Just a few years ago, Jezebel noted a study that found over 90% of women admit to masturbating regularly. And besides that, masturbation is increasingly seen as a healthy (and therefore recommended) practice! The Adam & Eve adult shop’s newsletter for the past month, for example, included 5 specific health benefits of masturbation for both men and women. It’s time to face facts guys: she might be playing with herself as much or more than you, and she knows just what she likes.

Women Require Size

By now you’ve probably heard this myth debunked a few times, whether from your own girlfriend, a talk show, or a news article such as last summer’s25 Misconceptionspiece by Complex. But you should hear it again: women don’t (all) prefer large penises. Some do, certainly, some don’t care at all, and some even prefer something a bit smaller and easier to manage. But the important thing to remember is not to fuss about whether she’s measuring you up or judging you. Also, if you do happen to be well-endowed, be careful; this isn’t porn, it’s real life.

Women Should Be More Vocal

For whatever reason, society – everything from porn, to popular movies, etc. – has formed the idea that only women should moan and groan in bed, or at least that only their moans and groans are sexy. However, as noted by Babble (and a huge majority of women), your own vocal performance in bed is meaningful. Whether you’re talking, groaning, etc., it’s important to vocalize your own pleasure, just as you like her to do for you.

Dropping these common misconceptions out of your mind can go a long way toward “understanding women,” and may just lead to your having a better time in bed. Of course, you still won’t understand every little thing about her – but that’s part of the fun, after all.



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