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Ducky Smallz – Luxury Pains LP

Thursday, 23 January 2014


Presented by The Good Guys and Rossi Mafia, Luxury Pains LP is the debut album from Cleveland artist Ducky Smallz. “Luxury Pains is vividly, expressively, mentally, socially, physically everything I’m going through right now,” says Ducky Smallz about Luxury Pains.

Offering two discs, Luxury and Pains, the 23-track project relics in its ying-yang concept. The first disc, Luxury, focuses on the material wealth and fast living and includes its lead singles “Paula Patton,” “M.N.R.” and “Clicquot & Bitches 2.” In addition, the A-Side disc boasts a Nate Fox-produced cut titled “Let Em Know,” which opens up the album with a bang.

The second disc, Pains, dwindles in familiar hardships and relatable situations for all. Featuring tracks like “Politics As Usual” and “Seek No Approval,” the B-side of Luxury Pains comes face to face with both everyday struggles and those that come with success. Illuminating the trials and tribulations of life and its successes, Luxury Pains showcases Ducky Smallz’ journey of growth and power.

DL: Ducky Smallz – Luxury Pains LP


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