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Bless The Fresh Presents: Ugly Christmas Sweater

Friday, 03 January 2014


Bless The Fresh is a collective initially founded by Tony Del FreshCo of emerging young talents based in Houston, Texas with similar goals in mind. Each individual artist have made a name for themselves locally and on a national scale. “Ugly Christmas Sweater” is an ode to hard work and dedication to the music that we all create.

It symbolizing being comfortable in your own skin when others want you to conform. This new body of work includes all new music produced/composed by Tony Del FreshCo, EDF, Mike Red, Prolivik Beeats, Dabeatbakerz, Zpac3boy, and AC Gutta, all have which been recognized all over the United States for their production/compositions on a major level. So sit back and enjoy “Ugly Christmas Sweater”.


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