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Extra Butter & Asics GT-Cool “Sidewinder”

Wednesday, 01 January 2014

Not a real big fan of Asics sneakers, but i thought these Extra Butter Asics were dope to share with are viewers. Came across them on sneaker news, check out more info below.

“Sidewinder” features some dirty, dark denim, with Hawaiian print underlays that serve as a nice contrast, and throwback to the kind of stuff you find out west on a road trip through vintage thrift shops. A contrast in materials was another way for us to communicate something we loved about Sidewinder’s character – a man conflicted.

Loyal as a cold-blooded killer to the aching heart of his dear brother, yet understanding of one woman’s insatiable thirst for revenge. Periwinkle colored laces were chosen, for those observant enough to recall the rest of Sidewinder’s memorable scenes, and of course deadly, venom snakeskin striping again appear matching the rest of the DL5 collection! – EB

The Extra Butter x Asics “Sidewinder” GT Cool releases Saturday, January 4th in-store at BOTH locations!


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