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The WOW Performs Live @ Affordable Care

Sunday, 22 December 2013

As part of Art Basel 2013, Flaunt Magazine hosted an art exhibition at Mana Wynwood in Miami, FL. The four-day event, entitled “Affordable Care,” featured musical artists such as Kendrick Lamar, Nicolas Jaar, Boy George, Jesse Jo Stark, and The WOW; in conjunction with Vanessa Beecroft, Robert Montgomery, and Melanie Pullen contributing their art for display.

Not an hour before Robert Montgomery’s fire poem flamed itself to a quick death, Balthazar Getty and K.O. The Legend’s musical outfit The WOW performed songs from their upcoming project. Enjoy this visual recap and enter the world of The WOW.


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  1. This joint was fire. Original as hell. I didn’t know whether I was getting show footage or an A1 music video. Dope!

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